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Top Gay Dating Shows of 2022

When it comes to dating shows, the gay genre isn’t new. Back in the late 90s, MTV made several gay specials that featured men in search of love. These shows featured forced acting and embarrassing tag lines. The cast was fed lines to appear happy and appealing, and the results were far from genuine. One such episode had a contestant who said that being gay was “fun,” while break dancing in the park.

While the show’s popularity didn’t diminish, it still remains a highly controversial topic. Earlier this decade, there was another gay dating show, Love Island. The show featured transgender contestants, as well as bisexual, pansexual, and gay men. These shows are still popular, but they don’t reflect a realistic representation of the gay community. Moreover, gay people can’t expect these shows to be representative of the gay community.

Another show with gay themes is Finding Prince Charming, which will follow a group of 13 potential suitors living in a mansion. It’ll be hosted by Lance Bass, former NSYNC member. It’ll be broadcast on Logo, a network that has a history of LGBTQ-focused stories. The executives of the show say it’s the first of its kind. In addition to being the first of its kind, this gay dating show will also be the most popular in the LGBTQ genre.

The bi-polar world of reality television has long struggled to make the LGBTQ+ community more visible on television. However, in 2018, there were two shows that addressed the topic of queer love: The Bachelor and The Bi Life. The Bi Life, hosted by Drag Race star Courtney Act, followed nine young bisexual men in Barcelona. The show featured both heartwarming conversations and spicy drama. Another gay dating show that was popular this past year was Finding Prince Charming, a gay version of The Bachelor. It followed the same format as the venerable male reality show, but with a gay cast.

Gay Dating Shows

Another show that challenges traditional assumptions about the gay dating world is Are You the One?, a show that tackles the rampant homophobia in the gay hookup culture. While the show is part of the new wave of dating reality shows, there are still plenty of lesbian-centric options as well. The Love Connection, for example, always includes gay and lesbian couples, and the Netflix-produced Dating Around also included LGBTQ-friendly daters in its episodes.

In The Bachelor, James and Andra move into a house in Palm Springs. They spend time with the group at a luau and individually with some of their mates. They then make it to the first round of elimination. In that first round, James eliminated Chris (gay), Jason (straight), and Brian A. (straight).

Naked Attraction is another gay dating show. The show is hosted by Anna Richardson, the girlfriend of Sue Perkins. Contestants are stripped down, one male and six female contestants, revealing their body parts from their feet to their heads. Each contestant is rejected one by one until they reach the final two. Two of the six are chosen, and they then go on a date. And who can blame them? The audience’s reaction to this show is very mixed.

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