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He was a struggling, football player and highly cultured person. They got married when I was in the second grade and I was born in the same year. We used to live with my father’s family. Then we moved into a multi-family communal apartment on Rusakovskaya Street.

Where Nâzım Hikmet often telephoned to call Vera. Our only room; I vaguely remember our cheerful neighbors with whom we shared the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. My parents also finished the institute. Both of them started working as editors. My father started working at Mosfilm and my mother at Soyuzmultifilm studio, where great cartoons were made. We had financial difficulties.

My mother was writing articles about cinema, while my father was working on his first scripts. They also regularly dropped me off in Bolshevo with my grandmother and my step-grandfather Grigori. When the pace of work increased, I started to live there constantly. In the early days, both of them would come to me together on weekends and holidays. But later they started to make their visits separately. I was too young to realize that our family was falling apart. Then my mother is gone. My father, who came to Bolshevo, hugged me tightly. Not once have I heard a bad word about my mother from her mouth.

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